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Organic country food & Local products 



A selection of local products made by family producers and organic farms in the wine region.

You can taste and buy this products during the tour.

Aceite de Oliva Gourmet

Olive oil from a family farm  

Organic olive oil produced by a small family producer.

Its olive trees produce a delicious extra virgin olive oil made with Arbequina, the native olives of the area.



Organic & chocolate

Catanias are handmade with the best almonds, the Mediterranean Marcona, and covered with an exquisite white praline and a final covering of the highest quality cocoa powder. 

Created, since 1946, by a  local master chocolatier.

Gluten free.

Trozo de chocolates

Chocolate bars

& snacks 

Chocolate bars and snacks from a local chocolate factory.

They’ve been making their chocolate since 1840. 


Crafts  and Gifts that reflect our tradition, culture and heritage.


Glamorous cup for cava & wine cocktails

In summer, cocktails with cava or wine are very appetizing drinks for celebrations and parties with friends that take place in the afternoon or early evening.

We have a lot of cocktail easy to prepare: Sangría, Agua de Valencia, Manzana espumante, or Rose wine Margarita.

botella bandeja.jpeg

Sustainable crafts

Crafts made from sustainable and recyclable material.

You can find trays made by local artisans from our wineries bottles of wine and cava.

We collaborate in reducing the carbon footprint.

Take care of the planet!

IMG_5058 copia 2.JPG

Tradicion & Porró

A Porró is a traditional glass wine jug. Originally from Catalonia in the 18th century, it started as clay to keep water fresh and preserve wine. Later it became glass and expanded its uses, also becoming a fun way to share wine.

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